Jon...Just a quick note to thank you and the team for the support in resolving this Amplifier Issue.

A.D. - Engineering Manager, Steel Processing Building Systems UK - Tata Steel

Hi Jon...Just a note to thank you and your team for an excellent and professional job on the upgrade.

A.D. - Engineering Manager, Steel Processing Building Systems UK - Tata Steel

Hi Mike. Thanks for the report. Very good work with the Data logging function yesterday...

A.D. - Engineering Manager, Steel Processing Building Systems UK - Tata Steel

Guys I want to say a personal thanks from myself for getting this machine up and running so quickly. Peter seems a nice guy and showed very good ability in fault finding and program alterations, I think you may of dropped on a good engineer which I know are hard to come by.. Unifrax Emission Control Europe Ltd

A.Y. - Engineering Manager Unifrax Emission Control Europe

Hi Matthew, I appreciate you are on holiday as I write this and probably won’t pick this up this week, but wanted to give you this feedback while it is fresh in my mind. The mods you sent through have been installed, all seem to work as expected... and the changes have been very well received by the operations team in the packing area. Nothing further to add at the moment, except to say thanks again for your efforts.

G.S. - Process Technology Team leader Kemira Chemicals

Just a quick note to say thanks for your help and support with the eMASS project. I am really happy with how the installation and commissioning has gone...

D.H. - Electrical Project Engineer Tata Steel

I would like to thank everyone involved in the annual shutdown wk 19. We have started up post shutdown to plan and secured two weeks of great performance with minimal rejections and with no unplanned stops...Thanks also to the coating weight gauge project team and cell members for their hard work and long hours during  the last few weeks during installation and commissioning leaving the line operating in closed loop control. Well done

P.W. - Manufacturing Section Manager Tata Steel

It was great to visit Colorcoat Line 2 in Shotton to see the new oven control system that has been installed using modern technology. The system is important to provide the correct pressure in the oven to 'float' the painted strip and prevent defects on the finished product. The technology provides better control and allows the use of a recipe system. The project required significant testing and removal of redundant equipment. Well done achieving a successful project...

R.S. - Director Engineeering, Downstream Operations Tata Steel

Awesome job completed by our engineering team at Shotton, also big thanks to our Engineering partner Radway on this scheme. The photos do not do justice to the mass of cables rewired and the hours of planning, testing and commissioning completed to get the line away ahead of schedule. The embodiment of "Together we make the difference"!

M.R. - Works Engineer Tata Steel
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