Line Control DC Drives Upgrade

About The Project

All line control DC drives upgraded from GEC Gemdrive Analogue to Control Techniques Mentor II – phased scheme to allow production to continue without major outage
Commissioning Date: Phased during 2006/2007
Equipment/Technologies: Control Techniques Mentor II DC drives (14 off), FLC ratings from 21.5 to 270 amps
Gem80 PLC, GemLAN-T, ethernet
Control Techniques CTNet drives communications network
  • Project management.
  • Drive software design for bridle, tension leveller and recoiler applications.
  • Gem80 software re-design for interface to new drive equipment.
  • iFIX SCADA and Gem80 Imagem modifications.
  • Electrical engineering of new control scheme.
  • Build and test of new drive control equipment on backplates.
  • Installation, test and commissioning.