June 25, 2020

Steel Process Line Entry Section Upgrade

Radway Control Systems Ltd have recently completed the upgrade and safety enhancement of the control system for the entry section of a coil coating line.

The original control system comprised the following equipment, originally installed by GEC Industrial Controls Ltd in 1989:

  • 1 x Gem80/400 Entry Section PLC Controller [This was originally a Gem80/310 which was later upgraded]
  • 5 x GEC Gemdrive Micro 1 DC Drives [Pay Off Reel 1, Pay Off Reel 2, Bridle Roll 1, Bridle Roll 2, Accumulator]
  • 28 x GEC Gemstart CCU Controllers for DOL starters
  • 8 x GE Versamax Remote I/O Stations with HPCi Controller used as data router

This was replaced by a mainly Siemens solution which included the following equipment:

  • 1 x Siemens S7-1516F-3PN/DP Failsafe PLC
  • 5 x Siemens DCM Micromaster DC Drives, with Safe Torque Off
  • 4 x Siemens Sinamics G120 Inverters with Profisafe Safe Torque Off
  • 24 x Siemens Simocode Intelligent Starters
  • 9 x Siemens ET200SP Remote I/O Stations with Failsafe I/O on an MRP ring
  • 7 x Fortress Armaguard Pro Gate Interlocks with Profisafe Interface
  • 2 x Sick Absolute Encoders with Profinet Interface
  • 6 x Siemens Scalance XC200 Series Switches
  • 1 x Siemens Scalance SC636 Cyber Security Appliance